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This is for people that are self employed. Also this section is for people who cannot prove their income due to a number of reasons.
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How Much Will Stamp Duty Be?
The amount of stamp duty paid will vary from state to state and whether you are a First Home Buyer or not.

What Will My Loan Repayments Be?
Find out how much your loan repayments would be for any borrowed amount, using different interest rates and loan terms. [click here to view calculator]

What If I Make Extra Repayments?
You can save yourself a lot in interest payments just by paying more than the required minimum. It could also cut years off the term of your loan.

Latest Rates
One of the many factors you should take into consideration when choosing the loan that's right for you is the interest rate. The interest rate on its own however, does not give a true indication of the actual cost of the loan. Other factors to consider include the ongoing fees and up-front charges.

These fees can vary between lenders and loans. So, how do you make sure you are comparing apples with apples, like with like?

By using comparison rates.

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Types of Loans
First Home Buyers
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